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boutique hotel pick – royal hotel – san remo, italy

As I organize my impending trip to Italy hopefully very soon, I can’t help but reminisce about some of the places I have visited and the boutique hotels I have stayed in. One particular hotel which comes to mind is the Royal Hotel in San Remo, Italy – just so you understand where it is, San Remo is about 64 kilometers from Nice, France. It’s a well know resort town located along the Italian Riviera between Genoa and the French border.  San Remo is also known for its casinos and the beautiful harbor lined with cafes and shops. Considering I haven’t seen much sun this summer, I am longing to spend a week in San Remo and staying at the Royal Hotel for a much needed rest and relaxation.

travel recommend: cinque terre, italy

This weekend marks the beginning of my official travel recommends.  As I stated before I get the travel itch sometime in March, but it doesn’t really flare up until about mid May when I discover my circle of acquaintances are planning their trips. In light of the fact, my first recommend is what is known as Cinque Terre in Italy. Located along the western coats of Italy, this area consists of five small villages which literally cling to the Ligurian cliffs. The villages are small  and close enough that you can actually walk from own village to the next within a matter of hours. The first time I discovered the area was actually when I coordinated travel plans for college students. I heard a group of them talking about buying a railpass and finding their way to the area.  That same year, I decided to take a trip to Italy and after locating Cinque Terre on the map, I chartered my course on how to incorporate Cinque Terre into my trip. To make it easier …

christmas around the world contest

In light of my passion for travel, I have decided to include the following contest for my readers.  Below are photos of  various destinations  around the globe which,  either celebrate Christmas or  recognize the  holiday. The person who guesses the most locations will win a prize. Contest will run from December 22-25, 2010 and  results will be posted on December 26th. Contest open to US and Canada residents only 🙂 There are 10 photos total – click on photo above and below to enlarge for better visibility. Please send me an email at with your answers by midnight December 25th to qualify. Answers,winner(s)  and prize will be posted on the site on December 26th and prizes will be awarded based on the person with the most correct answers. Should there be more than 3 winners, we will have a lottery for the prize. Good luck and have fun!!!  

boutique hotel pick – badrutts palace – st. moritz switzerland

During the Winter months and in light of staying true to the season, I often search for and recommend hotels situated in the most romantic ski destinations, around the globe. I find that every season in travel should be embraced for what it is and considered a place to visit, even for once in a lifetime. A person doesn’t have to appreciate skiing to consider vacationing in or around a ski resort, they simply have to love the snow and the ambiance of area. So for that reason, I have come across yet another boutique hotel which I recommend, Badrutt’s Palace, which is  set in the beautiful St. Moritz area of Switzerland. One thing  you should keep in mind while contemplating such a destination, plan ahead and book early. For more about St. Moritz as a ski destination or a romantic getaway, please click here. Have a great weekend and remember to breath while frantically shopping for the holidays.

friday travel picks – le meurice hotel, paris

I love to travel and probably can do so six to ten months out of a year, if I had the chance. Having also had the wonderful opportunity of being a travel agent, I was fortunate enough to have access to most anything related to travel I can possibly imagine in order to plan other’s dream holiday or just fantasize about mine. So, in light of my love for travel,  I have decided to set aside  Fridays to include my vacation picks, whether hotels, spa’s or destination around the globe. For my first choice of quality hotel, I have included here the website to Le Meurice Paris (***** hotel) for that special anniversary, birthday celebration or honeymoon. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!