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boutique hotel pick – badrutts palace – st. moritz switzerland

During the Winter months and in light of staying true to the season, I often search for and recommend hotels situated in the most romantic ski destinations, around the globe. I find that every season in travel should be embraced for what it is and considered a place to visit, even for once in a lifetime.

A person doesn’t have to appreciate skiing to consider vacationing in or around a ski resort, they simply have to love the snow and the ambiance of area. So for that reason, I have come across yet another boutique hotel which I recommend, Badrutt’s Palace, which is  set in the beautiful St. Moritz area of Switzerland.

One thing  you should keep in mind while contemplating such a destination, plan ahead and book early. For more about St. Moritz as a ski destination or a romantic getaway, please click here.

Have a great weekend and remember to breath while frantically shopping for the holidays.

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