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Interesting Finds Online – Vol 10

There are more interesting or eyebrow raising finds online than I am able to keep up with, and some I take to heart while I read them and others, I simply share with all of you, just to brighten up your day. In this case – your Friday. So, without much delay here are this weeks finds:

1. What an Australian trainer eats in a day to maintain that perfect body we all seem to crave.

2. The Royal Family is apparently looking to hire a new staff. Should I send over my CV?

3. For those architectural buffs and admirers of classic Hollywood homes, here’s Cecile B. DeMille’s home Angelina Jolie has set her eyes on for her family of 7.

4. Do you snore? If so then you might want to consider NORA to help ease the tension in the bedroom.

5. What is it really the airline crew searching for when they greet you at the door. Do you ever wonder?

6. How to do breakfast like the French, I’ve adapted for years.


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