The Thing About Mothers and Daughters

The older I get, the more I understand where my mother is coming from – when doing and saying the things that she did and does. Although I raise my eyebrow on occasion, okay, okay, on more than one occasion, I realize after a heated discussion or a disagreement that she is mostly or absolutely right in her assessment or observation or prediction of all things pertaining to my well-being.

Some of you may not agree – and that’s fine. But I think my conclusion is that, it also depends on the type of relationship one has with her mother. In my case, I am very close to her and do tell her everything, and even when her first reaction is to be very critical, she means well, and this is something I perfected over the years – our efforts to have clear and open communication.

This is what I have to say and here is what they say:

Things I’ve learned from my mother
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How to improve mother-daughter relationship
Is your Mother your role model

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Everyone is entitled to an opinion, it’s what you do with it that counts the most. I choose to share the beauty of what the world offers to maintain a positive outlook and live a fulfilling life. That's my take.

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