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Why Some Things I Adore

Occasionally I get a little nostalgic about the silliest things. Like a place I’d been, the people I’ve spent time with, my childhood, their childhood, first day of school, last day of school and then the day my family decided to immigrate. Even a simple picnic on the beaches of the French Riviera has me longing.

Especially more, when I come across beautiful photographs like these:

A gathering of families in Montreal on warm Summer days. I was ten when my parents took me and my brother to visit with relatives. The idea of sitting outdoors and just being, to this day, puts a smile across my face.

A collection of feel-good trinkets from the past I hold dear to my heart in my own home – similar to this one

When I was five my mother took me to a a home of a wealthy distant aunt home and I fell in-love with her very large master bathroom in all marble and white and since then I’ve never swayed from the decor choice. I even dream about it sometimes. Call me weird

The days my brother and I would climb up and run down the creaky stairs in my aunt’s Victorian home in San Francisco or sit upon the steps and read a children’s book. Those moments were priceless

A childhood garden I couldn’t wait to play, the second school ended and Summer break began

You get the picture of what I mean. So if you are up to it. I’d love to hear what makes you nostalgic.

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  1. Gorgeous pics! Lovely post, too. Nostalgia: Homemade ice cream on a hot summer’s day; the smell of freshly ground coffee, pipe tobacco; pages in an old hardback book, or fresh rain on hot pavement; the sounds of old jazz…

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