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Decor: A Paris Apartment Reminder of A Past Life

I once had an aunt, well not really a biological one, but her sister was married to my uncle – and so she was an aunt by marriage. My parents were close to them, I suppose they were able to develop a solid friendship over the years, and so we would visit them often. Which happened to be my favorite of things to do when I was a child. Visit the ‘aunt who lived across the street from a central park’ in a far far away land. And her house was a museum, a French one, I did not realize until I frequented Paris and got a glimpse into past all the tourist stuff. This decor is a replica of all things their mansion, perched across the street from a central park.  

Why Some Things I Adore

Occasionally I get a little nostalgic about the silliest things. Like a place I’d been, the people I’ve spent time with, my childhood, their childhood, first day of school, last day of school and then the day my family decided to immigrate. Even a simple picnic on the beaches of the French Riviera has me longing. Especially more, when I come across beautiful photographs like these: You get the picture of what I mean. So if you are up to it. I’d love to hear what makes you nostalgic. {featured image source}

interior design: dutch oil painting inspired checkered floors

When I was a child, maybe six or seven, I received a tin can full of wrapped candy in cellophane. Instead of being excited about the contents of the box, I was more impressed with the art work on the four sides of the box.  As a child I had no idea what it was but stared at the art work for years on end, impressed by the beauty of it. It was a dark room, with checkered floors and the only light was from a small window, reflecting against it. When my family was migrating to the states, I asked to take the box with me. I cherished it and it was the only reminder of my wonderful childhood. Since then, I’ve been to museums throughout Europe and have learned enough about art in school, to know that particular painting etched unto the four sides of the  box was  inspired by Baroque Dutch Oil Paintings. I was in love with the flooring then and I have remained that way since. Because of my fascination …

inspired by nostalgia

Photographs are probably the most inspirational medium known to mankind to and often times a great way to reflect, reminisce and remind. With that said, occasionally, I find photographs online, which touch me to a point; I have to share them with anyone who understands where I am coming from.    Pictures do tell a thousand words and here are mine.