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So Many Things Go Through My Mind On A Daily Basis

I always wonder if this has been the case forever, where on a daily basis so many things go through our minds. I want to believe that life was truly much simpler in the past,  and definitely before the social media craze. I mean yes we did have concerns and worries, but I don’t think the way we obsessed about them was as bad as it is now – when every day we thumb through our phones at least six or more times, in search of answers, all of which contradict one another – us hoping to relate to an article that will set us straight and perhaps help us achieve to become the best person we can – even if some of the suggestions are crazy ridiculous and we know it.

The other day, I was pushing my cart in a grocery store, while my mind was on a thousand other things,  thinking…and then I heard “excuse you b****,” a man’s voice shouting in my direction when apparently I crossed his path. Which isn’t the way I saw it. Because I did stop and made sure I made eye contact before proceeding just to avoid this very thing. However, it didn’t seem to matter. He took offense anyway. Then I realized, two aisles down, a woman was blocking  the entire with her cart, while standing over the olive oil section, her eyes glazed, staring in a way I knew her mind was also elsewhere. Those passing her by were giving her dirty looks and/or shoving her cart to one side with theirs . Similar incidents happened in the produce section, the deli area, and even at the cashier and don’t get me started about the bizarre  incidents in the parking lot

What’s got you all thinking?

In case you’re wondering this is where my head was that very day:

8 Causes Of Divorce or Signs leading to Divorce – when the hubs and I argued about our differences the other night

How true this article is about an author struggling to find her voice in a man’s world

{Photo source}

I am not a perfect mom, but I am close to it – is a resourceful piece to read for those doubting themselves every time their kids puts them in check

I came home very sick from my recent trip, and it’s been a struggle trying to recover from whatever bug or muscle strain/damage I cause walking too too much. Since then I’ve been focused on finding ways to recover – past seeing a doctor and taking too many prescription meds.

My mother comes from a generation of women who took pride in their fashion sense and sometimes I honestly miss that sort of style and here’s an article that sums it up perfectly.

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