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Travel: Working Through Jet Lag

I think the worst thing about Jet Lag for me is when I come back home from a trip abroad.  I don’t know why it is that I can’t stay asleep at night for two weeks straight – every single time.

With that said, and naturally the fact I search online for helpful travel suggestions, this interesting article popped up – about Travel Gadget To Help You Sleep:


inflatable gadget to help fluff up that otherwise flat hotel pillow


Blue light sleep mask – apparently researched to help ease your mind of all the worries and thinking


MY FAVORITE – Sleep scarf, inflates when you need a pillow on the plane or in a park 🙂


The portable humidifier – could be another good idea and naturally you have to use Evian water 🙂


sleep app of sorts – some find useful


Lavender aromatherapy diffuser

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