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Travel: Quick Getaways No Matter Where You Are In the World

My friends who live in the UK have decided to go to Italy for a few days, over the Thanksgiving holiday. I found this news amusing, only because while we, in the continental U.S. plan for family get-together across the country for Thanksgiving, she and her husband plan to do a weekend getaway. And then I realized, all the Americans living abroad, or calling a part of the world their temporary home, whether for work or school or just because, there are wonderful opportunities to plan a quick getaway and see…

If you happen to be near London or just outside reachable by train, then consider experiencing ice skating in six different places around the glorious city

From anywhere Europe take a trip to Aix-en-Provence, France even in the off-season

Edinburgh is always a good idea, and for a weekend getaway it’s the highest on my list – especially when there is a list of best coffee shops to help start up my day

Experience Quebec if you are spending the holiday alone in the US. Cross the border (legally) of course and see Quebec.

Book one of these wildest accommodations and spend the weekend in the most memorable fashion possible

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