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Movies Worthy Of a Conversation

I am always asked about my opinion or take on a film because of this blog I’ve had for years and the fact, I know a few like-minded folks about the industry – where we sit around and discuss all things films and the making of.

Since we are two months away from the award season, I decided to make a list of films I plan to see that may – just may – have a chance to be nominated. But none has had the buzz so far like the film Lady Bird, which I made a point to go see yesterday. And I have to tell you – it is a must.

Funny thing is – most people haven’t even heard of the film, which is fine – some folks have more serious concerns to deal with in their lives, I understand. But if you happen to need an escape, or a face to face with a bit of reality or a trip down memory lane, or even the struggles of motherhood is your only concern, outside of the fact, you were once a teenager sharing the same issues as the main character – Lady Bird – in the film…go see it. It is a must.

Have you seen the film? What do you think? Oscar worthy?

Here’s my favorite part- since I lived in Sacramento for a short 8 years during the period this film is set in, I appreciate the story even more. I also have a special place in my heart for the up and coming town. If you are the curious type – in terms of where the film was shot, go here:

Also, on my list are the following films to see before the year is over:

Films I’ve seen – here

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