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Travel: For the Solo At Heart

As you may know that I travel very often – and most of the time I do it with someone. Whether the hubs, or friends or a group I’ve put together – I am never alone.

This past trip – in October – which I have yet to share with all of you but couldn’t because  upon my return, there was an air to the nation, a sort of daunting pre-election jitters, compounded by the results and the aftermath, and just as the dust is settling (hopefully-perhaps I am out of touch) we jump right into the holiday season – Thanksgiving and all the planning that goes with it.

So, until I can share with you all of the wonderful discoveries I made on this trip. I have been reading articles about travelling every chance I get. You see, while on the plane back to San Francisco, I found myself toying with the idea of travelling alone – at least once, and this article seems to be encouraging me along:


Stockholm, Sweden could very well be an easy choice for some alone time


And Quebec certainly is a wonderful place to see on your own if that were your choice of travel


I am afraid that if I were to go to New Zealand by myself I may never return 🙂


And according to the site, Verona is ideal for solo travel – which I find shocking – considering Romeo and Juliet


Marsielle, France is suggested – although I consider the surrounding Aix-en-Provence a better choice for the solo female traveller. But that’s just my take


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