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Travel: The Art of Solo Travel

My friend of 20 plus years used to travel alone, through unique road trips she plotted out herself. I couldn’t wait until she returned from one of her excursions so she can whisk me away with her stories, over Mexican dinner and a pitcher of margarita. So today’s collection of articles is in honor of my friend and her solo fascinating trips…     Have you traveled solo? Where to? And do you recommend it? This is something I’m debating for the first time this year – finger’s crossed   {featured image source}

Travel: For the Solo At Heart

As you may know that I travel very often – and most of the time I do it with someone. Whether the hubs, or friends or a group I’ve put together – I am never alone. This past trip – in October – which I have yet to share with all of you but couldn’t because  upon my return, there was an air to the nation, a sort of daunting pre-election jitters, compounded by the results and the aftermath, and just as the dust is settling (hopefully-perhaps I am out of touch) we jump right into the holiday season – Thanksgiving and all the planning that goes with it. So, until I can share with you all of the wonderful discoveries I made on this trip. I have been reading articles about travelling every chance I get. You see, while on the plane back to San Francisco, I found myself toying with the idea of travelling alone – at least once, and this article seems to be encouraging me along: