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Sunday Morning Conversations – Vol. 1

I love a slow start to Sundays. You know, the easy roll out of bed, a full on breakfast, and home brewed coffee. A conversation with your partner in life about the to-do list, which all of a sudden you find yourself not caring so much about. 🙂 opting to go for a long walk instead – when the weather is permitting of course otherwise lounging on a couch by the fireplace.  And there you discuss what you’ve found online over the course of the week, which had sparked an interest or two in you – and see his/her reaction and feedback. Kind of like this:


As if the internet is capable of reading my thoughts, since lately I’ve been thinking greatly about my purpose in life. I may just have to play this game…  He says it’s B.S.


Since my trip back from Switzerland in October, I’ve been obsessed with finding a retreat and this one is winning so far. He says let’s do it


Since our studio apartment renovation I’ve considered dedicating a wall to display – well – not so much family photos. He agrees – about the wall photos of all things we love outside the family 🙂


while the price of housing goes up in San Francisco and the greater bay area, the hubs and i often discuss the future – where we would ultimately retire. I presented him the list of the suggestions from this site to consider – he frowned. Knowing I am still determined to live somewhere in Europe. 🙂 But just in case – here’s the list


and last but not least – my favorite topic – statistics since I blog and am always curious about what people want to see. I love how California frowns upon reading about personal problems. Huh – note to self. Meanwhile, hubs had no opinion right away – but I can read his mind = 😦

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