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More Gift Ideas For Him

I love shopping with the hubs. He is really good at it. Meaning to say, he is patient enough to walk through the stores and while I check out items for myself – he disappears to the men’s section. I think what I also love is seeing his face light up when he wants to show me what he’s found – providing that I approve 🙂 naturally.

So, the fact we share the same taste in clothes – I laugh – I think this year it will be easy to shop for him. Kinda like most years. Anyway, here it is:

Considering he looks amazing in a hat of any sort, and scarf just because, I picked from here

The sweaters had to come from his favorite store here:


Colognes I go here


Jeans and more jeans – from here:


And my favorite – boots – ankle and all – from here:


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