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Take Note – How To Survive The Winter

I do live in San Francisco, and some days in the winter it dips below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I know this all sounds funny for those of you struggling with worst weather conditions. But any cold or dreary weather does take its toll on anyone anywhere.

So…this article caught my eye the other day and I thought why not share some of the suggestions offered -that I love – on how to survive the frigid winter season:


far fetched you say – I say nay – knit a blanket – I think I will for my doggy.


Eat a Tamale pie – and yes a wonderful idea for the football season or just because. Click on photo for recipe


hot toddy – with ginger and cinnamon – I don’t need convincing – this is a staple in my household every evening


what a great idea for all those rainy/slushy snowy days – a boot tray


candles always a must


a humidifier for the indoor dry winter days


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