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mad men casting call – my personal challenge

I have included some photos of my preparation for the Mad Men Casting Call photo shoot, it was alot of fun and a great experience and although I don’t feel I am photogenic at all, we were able to take over 200 photos in order to vote for the best of the best.  So scroll down o see the best of the best and take a vote on which you think I should post on the AMC casting call for Mad Men site. 

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  1. Mauricio says

    I like them all but I think you should send the one with the purple top and glasses on or the last one in the light blue outfit. Good luck to you!!!

  2. Chucky says

    Dudette, whatever they pick you up or not, this is really cool you’re doing it, You look pretty fantastic, cheers and good luck!

  3. Niki says

    I like all of the pictures! I think they came out really great! I am torn between the one in the purple top with the glasses, and the one in the blue suit. Good luck!

  4. I vote for purple top, cigarette, AND drink. That’s the one! Great expression on your face, too.

    Good luck! I heartily approve of all Mad Men-related endeavors.

  5. Sherri N says

    I choose the light blue suit. Your character can be the new clever, bitchy, hard nose partner who fronted the $$ for the new agency and starts an affair with Draper. Ohhh or you’re from his past and want to start back up again with him. 😉

  6. April says

    I pick the purple top with the glasses to. However I don’t watch the show so I can’t be as clever as Sherri. Good luck, this is very cool.

  7. Carla says

    I hate to admit this but I’m with Mo. The purple top w/glasses and blue suit were my favorites. Although I think drink and cigarette in hand are almost requirements for Mad Men! I’ll pray to the Hollywood Gods for you! 🙂

  8. I like em all…except the one with the cigarettes.The dark suit looks really great on you. I can see you being a really bitchy manager on the show. You can do that can’t you?

  9. Mary says

    Can I just say…WOW! These pictures are fantastic! I’ve got three that I’m rooting for…purple with drink mid-air, purple with drink and cigarette and the blue suit. GOOD LUCK!

  10. silvia adjamian says

    The last two with a preference for the last pic which has a natural expression conveying a certain attitude towards life.

  11. annie says

    I like the gray suit photo taken outdoors. Good luck, I know you are going to win.

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