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A Great Distraction – The iPhone 8

I am one of those waiting for the iPhone 8 – not because of the bells and whistles it is rumored to have but because the current phone I have is the 4s. You may laugh but it has been the best phone ever, from design to the ability to function in mint condition for several years. I hate parting with my phone, but under the circumstances, mainly the enhancements my lovely 4s can no longer handle, I need to evolve as well and just get a new phone to function at the speed of light (if you will) in today’s fast paced life we’ve not-so-willingly have fallen into.

So, with less than a week-ish to the announcement and the ability to order, and then stand in long lines at the store to pick up said phone, I share with you rumor-or-not, some interesting details about the iPhone 8, and wonder if it is worth the small fortune – meaning to say, if I should just opt for the 7. What say you?

***and here’s an interesting fact, Samsung is the supplier for the 8’s OLED screen.  So, either phone one chooses (Samsung or iPhone 8, it’s a win-win for Samsung)


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