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Television Series: Catch 22 and Traitors

Films or television series based on Post World War II is something that has always fascinated me – and I love the fact, private media companies are doing much investing in the best of period shows in my opinion. For example – The Crown, The Amazing Mrs Maisel, and now Catch-22 and Traitors, among some I am certain, that I haven’t yet discovered (feel free to make your recommendations here).

Anyhow, as I stated a week or so ago, I started watching season 1 of Catch-22 on Hulu and although the first two episodes had a slow start, somehow, someway, I got hooked and by the end of the season I was sad to see it end. Well done George Clooney – your investment is well worth every million. 

In case you haven’t seen Catch-22 – the story filmed mostly in Italy was already one I had to see, even if it entailed blood and gore, the fact it was in Italy, had something to do with post WWII, I was going to endure. But I was pleasantly surprised, how the comedic approach Clooney took, worked, even during the bleakest hours, the few jokes here and there helped ease the anxiety of any war related show. I highly recommend the film and although I wish for season 2, I do wonder where the story will go from here?


On Monday I discovered Traitors streaming on Netflix – and having period film withdrawals, I tuned in. The funny thing about this film or show rather is that I first felt annoyed by the main character – because I could not cope with her being such a whiney person. But last night after watching the last episode of season one, I realized, the first season is always meant to simply set the tone, where the future hero must start off as a whimpy person, crying and in denial of their destiny, and so ‘Feef Symonds’ must be portrayed as another one of those characters, who in due course, will become a force not to be reckoned with.

Nice pic by the way

George Clooney (L) and Christophr Abbot from Catch-22 photographed by Marco Grob on Feb. 11, 2019 in Pasadena, CA


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