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month in a nutshell


The month of April, almost over, was the busiest month for me, even though I thought last year this month was, when one of my favorite people got married.

Although I spend the month, rekindling family get togethers, bridal showers, business lunches and company after work happy hours, not to mention moving friends across the state,  I had enough time to think about what I foresee in the near future – meaning the next 6 months remaining for 2013, for myself.

I had set goals, like everyone else at the beginning of the year and one by one, the daily challenges, altered my course or direction.  However, I haven’t forgotten what I needed to do still and so, I wrap up this month with a laundry list of things yet to achieve.

1. Launch book to kindle and other electronic reading tools
2. Work with a personal trainer to sculpt my body
3. Manage a garage sale in an effort to downsize
4. Donate entire wardrobe and revamp my style
5. Travel with those near and dear to me – even for a week
6. Re-establish Sunday afternoon tea time with my mother
7. Consider renovating the bathroom
8. Open an Etsy account to sell my paintings.
9. Recharge my blog(s)
10. Partake in events surrounding the America’s Cup in San Francisco

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