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Decor: Small Spaces Can Be Enough If Done Right

I live in a studio apartment in San Francisco. I wouldn’t trade it for the world because I have a wonderful view. Surely a while back I owned a massive 3300 sq. foot 2 story home just outside the city. But I realized that the place, although a house, was not a home. I’m more of a small space kind of gal.

When we decided to downsize and move back to our wonderful city, I didn’t take much interest in painting or doing too much to the space we rented at the time, because I was fixed more on the view from the large window and figured the rest of the pleasures will come from travelling. Until in July 2016, I rolled up my sleeves and just went for the remodel, revamp, and everything that would I felt would add to my ocean view with the idea I wanted the place to feel light and airy. Although I am shy about sharing my personal space with anyone, I have offered up  a wonderful article:


keep the space light and with minimal furnishings


install multi-use pieces


go up in scale when it comes to storage is the first suggestion


mount full-length curtains to give an illusion of a wider wall is another suggestion


I love this one – leave a little breathing room

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