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Strangest of Days, I am Thankful to Have Survived.

I decided to go into work this morning, even though I suffered and probably still suffering from the worst stomach flu ever since Friday. The whole of the weekend I spent horizontal, with frequent runs to the toilette. The entire time trying to figure out what I ate, or came across or touched to cause such an illness. I don’t handle the flu – stomach or otherwise – very well. I mean really who does?

But when you lay dead to the world, with curtains drawn, and absolutely no tolerance for sound,  cocooned in bed, sweating and cold at the same time – you actually begin to question life in the not-so-great manner.

You start by thinking about how you’re getting old, and weaker and less tolerant of pain, and then you jump into thinking about the choices you’ve made, and the mistakes which have cost you and/or led you to better places? Family, aging parents, life after a pet dying, you needing to draft a will sooner than later, and then you realize you are craving chocolate cake, only to find out there are no means to make it at home, let alone the energy. After the fifteenth visit to the water closet, you crave bananas, and apples and when you have none at home, you slump back into a set of depressing thoughts, about your job, the future, and the way the world is becoming. And those poor bees, and again reflect upon what you might have eaten to cause you so much pain and despair. A friend sends a text, but you opt not to tell her you are sick, instead you text back cheerful responses to her funny comments about this and that. You tell your mother you are unable to take her to church on Sunday, and she sends you comforting thoughts and prayers for a a speedy recovery- which makes you attempt a smile. Then you fall asleep and wake up, shivering in cold or maybe hot sweat and the cycle continues until you wake up Sunday afternoon and demand from  your other half, to get you the damn chocolate cake…

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My heart goes out to all those who suffered the worst this weekend – Pittsburgh Synagogue shootingLyon Air Crash near Jakarta  along with all other horrific events taking shape around the world.

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