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Sunday Reads And A Cup of Coffee or Tea

Sunday mornings are the best. I wake up early no matter the leisure day, and  do a bit of reading an actual paperback with a cup or two of green tea in hand, and then get online to plan out my blogging week. All before breakfast :). I feel more accomplished like that.

Anyway, without boring you with too much background, I share with you today’s interesting finds:

Gentlemen or ladies, if you are wondering why the handbag or planning on investing, that’s right, investing in one for your loved one this Christmas, here’s how it is explained

How to be extremely productive without actually getting tired – is something I have had trouble explaining to those around me who work hard instead of smart when it comes to accomplishing any task at home, at work and at leisure. Check out what they say

Do you have any idea what people thinks about you or better yet, do you really care? The questions are answered here and there’s even a book to help you understand

Dolce and Gabana has a guide to Christmas that may interest you or it’s a simple fun read – go here

And finally if decor is your thing, then see how this LA home is designed and decorated in the most simplest and functional style

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