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Wintery Garden Woes

We’ve had the strangest of weather patterns in San Francisco recently with weeks of torrential downpour and wind, followed by a day of sun, and more freezing temps – all wreaking havoc on my garden. So I nervously keep a watchful eye in between the rain and the storms – mostly wondering if my hillside garden comprised of sandy soil is going to survive the wicked and seasonally delightful temperatures. I also know that for every freak-out session, there are countless online resources available to put our minds at ease. Or perhaps simply lay down the fact that some zone-friendly plants may just not make it past the unforeseen brutal weather in Sunny California. For those of you who are planners and took up gardening like I did in 2021, here’s a beginners guide to keep you on track 10 Things To Do In Your Garden In February

Friday Thoughts

I have to say it was a tough week. Long work hours, even longer life chores or obligations and more, which kept me away from my garden. Sure I can come up with all sorts of excuses, like awful coastal weather in San Francisco this time of the year preventing me from enjoying the garden. Back to back zoom meetings, caring for my mother, the raccoon that dug up a hole and made his way to our garden, and up over the fence to the neighbor’s rooftop one morning-which scared me to death-while I sat listening in on a global presentation at five in the morning, about how much more we needed to do to reach the level of success engineered and carved in stone by our executive leadership team… I am not a fan of raccoons. But after an entire week of garden neglect, I sit at my desk by the window this morning thinking just how much I missed out on the serenity, and calmness I feel when I am out there simply …

1001 gardens to visit before i die

I don’t know if you have noticed but in most museum stores, there is a book perfectly displayed, titled 1001 Gardens You Must Visit Before You Die.  Although I hate the words visit and die in the same sentence and normally don’t really look at such books, but because I am a garden phonetic, I actually flipped through the book when I was in the Getty Museum (Center) bookstore couple of weeks ago. From the 1001 gardens listed in the book, I have visited perhaps two or three thus far, and although I would love to make a point to see a hundred of the gardens in the book, I know I am not really going to get a chance to do so, for one reason or another and mostly because some of them are in countries I don’t really plan to visit in my lifetime. So, I would love to  hear from anyone and everyone who has had the wonderful opportunity to visit any of the famous gardens around the world listed in the …