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Travel: European Cities To Add To Your Travel Plans

I just got back from my annual trip to Europe in May, and I am already thinking about planning the next one. This year, my travel partner and I decided to change it up a bit, adding a few new destinations, seeking some adventure.  We opted for Lisbon, Porto, Edinburgh, back to Madrid, then through the norm, the French Rivera, and ending up in Paris. And I have to say it was the best decision we made. Based on the article here, I would like to say that I have to agree with Porto, Salzburg, Seville, Edinburgh, Bruges, Verona being underrated destinations, but most definitely places worth seeing and exploring. As for the rest of the places on the list, I need to add to my list of places to see. The problem is, I have to wait until 2016.      

day 3 – travel journal – venice, italy

Day three of our holiday, we decided to venture out to Venice for the day. Even though I have been to Venice a dozen or so times, this time I wanted to go there for three specific reasons. First, to get a glimpse of the Venice Film Festival. Second, to buy an authentic carnival mask for a holiday party back home (San Francisco) and three to walk through the back roads to capture photographs of Venice very few get a chance to see. The amazing thing about Venice is, you can easily get lost while exploring the back alley ways and I can guarantee you, that on my next visit, I will not even remember how to get to the places I ventured out to during this trip.   {photos of the property of and may not be borrowed without permission}

springtime in san francisco

On Sunday when I went for my usual walk, I realized that the reason I appreciate Springtime in San Francisco so much, is because we usually miss out on a traditional  Summer in the city due to the heavy fog and cold weather. Springtime in the city, is the only time, we actually experience  warm weather while the days are getting longer. I know we also have, what is famously known as Indian Summer in the Fall, here , but since Fall is normally a prelude to Winter, the days are shorter, so the feeling is not the same psychologically, if you know what I mean? Anyway,  yesterday with Camera in hand, I took some photos of  the first signs of Spring around the city by the bay. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Happy Monday everyone!

inspiration: cafe de flore – paris, france

After a long week, I needed some inspirational photos to help escape “mentally” at least from the every day norms. My favorite place to hang out – Cafe De Flore in Paris (of course), France. I have a strange appreciation for cafe photos and here are some of my favorites Cafe de Flore to share with you. Have a great weekend and remember think happy thoughts no matter how hard life can be. 🙂 {photos: courtesy google search cafe de flore – various artists}

boutique hotel pick – parco dei principi – roma

As promised I am including some of my favorite luxury and also boutique hotels for Italy. This particular five-star property, the Parco Dei Principi,  is located in the heart  of  Rome, near the Villa Borghese park and in my opinion a wonderful place to stay in order to detox from the realities of every day life. To me, as I have stated before, hotels must be romantic or charming in order for me to feel like I am truly on vacation or holiday (as some would say) and although some of these properties are a bit pricy, the experience of staying in this particular one will be  most memorable – take my word for it. Have a great weekend!

boutique hotel pick – chateau de mirambeau – bordeaux

There are two quotes from Ernest Hemingway which I truly appreciate and probably live by, as I am an avid wine drinker and an “amateur” connesieur (if there is such a thing). Anyway the quotes are as follows: “Wine improves with age, the older I get the better I like it” “Wine is the most civilized thing in the world” With that said, I figured I better  include one of my favorite properties located in one of the greatest wine regions of the world, Bordeaux, France. Now although my hotel pick – Chateau De Mirambeau isn’t really a boutique hotel and more like a luxury hotel, I am still catagorizing as such because of the ambiance and the romantic feel of  the property. Chateau de Mirambeau, is located in the Mirambeau village between Bordeaux and Cognac and with it’s  14 rooms and 9 suites, you can only imagine how challenging it is to book a room, if not planned well in advance. Anyway, I will let their website do the talking, in the meantime enjoy …

boutique hotel pick – grand hotel tremezzo – lake como, italy

Every year, I pick a destination (mostly in Europe) and run with it. This year it is Italy, so you will be hearing alot about Italy in the upcoming months from travel to fashion to food and wine and photos of where I have been and where I have yet to discover.  In addition, I will share with you, hotels throughout Italy which I love, or have stayed at and some I wish to stay in the very near future. So, here we go 😉 Second hotel pick for 2011, is the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como (area) Italy. I first heard about this property through a professor at San Francisco State University, long, long time ago and of course I jotted it down in my journal for future use. Later on when I developed a crush on George Clooney and discovered he purchased a villa in Lake Como, I decided it was time for me to go there and check out the destination and while I was at it, to check out the …