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Trend: Why Pink In 2016?

I don’t adapt to what’s trending. I create my own, and what I believe makes me feel alive. This year, it happens to be pink.

Just so you understand, in 2010 I started this game, RED being the color that year, I decided to paint my bathroom walls a deep red, took a photo of myself with a red backdrop, bought tops and lipstick in shades of red, and even utensils and coffee mugs, and my dog’s water bowl, all red.

Then in 2012 I switched to green, juniper, moss, seaweed or sage, incorporating the color into my bookshelf accessories. Wardrobe of course, work coffee mug, adding indoor plants to my living spaces.  Until I fell in love with shades of yellow, daffodils, Tuscan sun, and honey, buying a bouquet of flowers in those colors was all I did with yellows.

Shades of blue for 2014, arctic or sapphire, changing my bedding to the calming colors was the best thing I did that year.

And now, in 2016 pink is in-at least for me. Let’s see where the color will lead me to?

What is your color (really mood) for 2016?

{Featured image from here, all others from here}

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