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I Don’t Just Promote My Novel…

There are so many books out there I want to read, and for 2016, I have added my favorites (below) which I plan to read while travelling. Because the rest of the time, or in between travels,  I am going to be  releasing  (mid-Spring) and promoting  novel 3  and completing the first draft for novel 4 by year-end.

The list of 2016 books to watch for written by women authors according to Bazaar Magazine is here. And my picks are as follows:

This is of course in addition to my own novel here.

1-14-2016 8-58-22 AM 1-14-2016 9-00-21 AM 1-14-2016 9-01-10 AM 1-14-2016 9-02-08 AM


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