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What Were We Expecting From The Crown – Season 3

Although I followed loosely the making of Crown 3, mostly who will play what role, and the era the season would cover, I had no idea what to expect. The element of some surprise is very important to me in films. And so I was, completely intrigued by the ‘Hollywood style”of story telling about the events which shaped the monarchy throughout the 1960’s.  Thus far watching episodes 1-4.

The true story behind Princess Margaret’s visit with the American President Johnson – covered in episode two  

Princess Alice, Philip’s mother – who was misunderstood and perhaps a historic figure worth learning about – covered in episode four

In episode two and three – cover up of Prince Philip’s connection to a affair and the fallout from it all had me doing research and connecting the dots – sort of in the approach the filmmakers took to make Season 3 relatable to stories we are all currently following or not of the royal family’s lifestyle.

Churchill’s funeral played a significant part in episode one – and the dedication to one of the most iconic prime minster’s for England. 


However, the most heartbreaking of episodes, was learning about the Aberfan, a small village in South Wales disaster, and the impact it took on the British monarchy and beyond – seeing public display of heartfelt emotions was something the British were/are not good at. I needed to understand the significance of it and have decided to pay homage on my next visit to the U.K. Covered in episode 3

Let’s pretend this is a film club and I am posing these questions to you to consider

  • What do you think about the cast, and please don’t compare the performance to the previous cast?
  • Did you appreciate the humor in every episode to add a lightheartedness to the factual events?
  • Can you see a resembles to all the current issues/events the royal family is faced with – from Prince Andrew’s indiscretions to the brotherly divide between William and Harry? Or is all of it is for our viewing pleasure?
  • Which parts from episodes 1-4 did you find the most interesting, and one which will have you digging through the history sites online to get a more realistic understanding of the subject matter?
  • Do you think season 3 will  keep in interest in an audience or is it a bore to those seeking sparkle and/or luster?
  • Does season three – resurface resentment of the royal family?

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