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A Weekend Recap and Onward to Thanksgiving

What you plan and what really happens is always the case, it seems lately for the weekends and I’m starting to consider not making a list of what I’d like to do but rather simply wait and see how the days pan out. 🙂

This past weekend I had a tough time with anxiety, where I was hyperventilating over just about everything imaginable from Venice floods, to global warming and beyond. Even the Hallmark Christmas films I watched back to back in the evenings, didn’t seem to help. I suppose we are now a society riddled with stress, depression and anxiety which by the way we have all had a part in manifesting, and since seem to have trouble coping with it all.

How did the generations before us handle it all? Was it because the less they knew the better they lived?

Do we know too much or have access to much ‘fake news,’ that we have lost sight of reality and/or are not able to see the truth any longer because of it?

Will we do anything to change this insane world that we live in, or shrug about our efforts to reconfigure what a lifestyle should be?

I do push onward though, striving every minute to see the good in things and through all the down over the weekend, there were two positive comments a good friend of mine responded to all of my complaining.

When I told him, how difficult it was to penetrate Instagram, and they mostly cater to those who pay a fee to be scene, and celebrity, and I gave him the example of  each of us Instagrammers are like all the millions of stars in the sky, some shine bright while others are too small and distant to be noticed. And he replied, at least you are star 🙂 and my heart melted.

The other, when I was complaining about how I didn’t get to write on Sunday, which is the most I look forward to, and when I don’t get a chance to write, the weekend feels like a waste and he pointed out, all the wonderful Christmas shops we visited on Saturday, and he couldn’t get over the smile across my face, and the peaceful manner with which I selected meaningful ornaments, which I do every year, just before thanksgiving – he was right.

Now on to the second part of November – which is really unbelievable that we are here, and for us Americans – Thankgsiving day being the biggest holiday kick off – I realize I need to figure out the menu since I am hosting with Turkey or without, dinner is at our house. So, this week I’ll be filtering in some of my favorite recipes and what my Thanksgiving dinner will look like. Until then…

What were we expecting from Season 3 – The Crown

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