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Travel: In The Know

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been watching many films on location, mostly in Europe to get my fix. Besides that, I do wonder when this country is going to take all of this seriously and do their part to, at the very least, flat time this pandemic.

For the rest of the world, or places where you’ve played safe enough to be allowed to travel, you might find these topics a good read:

The idea of a double -decker aircraft is being considered – which can’t come soon enough in my opinion. But three years are needed to test the concept, perhaps in time for the world to find a cure.
What we need to know about hotel safety for this travel season
How Travel companies are adapting to serve those with mental health challenges
Is it safer to fly or drive during the pandemic is questioned here
The idea of Hepa air filteration – might ease our minds – one airline explains
And my favorite – pop-up tents might just be the way right now 😉

Have you considered travelling this summer?

What form of travel have you done?

Would you stay in hotels or Airbnb?

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