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birthday thoughts


Never in hundred years I would have ever considered spending my birthday in Las Vegas. I am more of a Napa kind of girl for a birthday celebration. But I am here (on business) so I will make the best of the day, I consider my very own special day (like millions of other people).

I don’t know why, but I always wake up very early on this day, somewhat anxiety stricken. Not sure if it’s because I am a year older or just concerned with the fact, I haven’t yet reached the goals I had set for myself. Either way, I am almost positive it is a natural behavior for any woman over the age 25.

Here is the list of thing I remind myself each year:
1. Not to think about the age, because it’s just a number.
2. Not to feel bad about the things I haven’t yet accomplished, focus on what I have.
3. Embrace the future by drawing from the past to strive for a more positive lifestyle.
4. Never loose being sincere.
5. Never stop dreaming, it is the key to keeping you balanced.

And to all those who I share a birthday with, have an amazing day, no matter how it is you plan to celebrate.

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