Month: June 2013

tory birch – a youthful connection

Tory Birch is one fashion designer, I turn to, when I want to stay connected to my youthful side in fashion and since most times I consider a more conservative wardrobe, youthful or not, her style works, when ensembled together mindful of my age. 1. Sweaterr: Simone cardigan 225USD 2. Shoes: Samara Slingback 295USD 3. Bag: The Sachal 475USD 4. Dress: Kalvin Dress 375USD {reference – click here}

seasonal inspiration

As many of you may know, San Francisco, mostly outer, is probably the worst place to be during the summer months if you happen to be a sun worshiper.  It’s foggy, cold and somewhat uninspiring. This past weekend was the first reminder of how summer may very well be in the city, when I sat the entire weekend, working on my book, in my sweats, blanket, thermal socks, drinking hot tea.  Believe me I wasn’t happy. So, for those of us, stuck in this wonderful city, mostly in the avenues, I recommend, escaping at least one day out of the weekend, just to get inspired, while frolicking 🙂 in the sun.  I’ve already planned my list of things to not my spirits go dow. 1. Drive to Napa for a day to picnic in V Satui Winery- here 2. Spend a day at Burlingame Avenue shopping and enjoy lunch  in an outdoor cafe – here 3. Drive Inland, South or East anywhere there is water, sun and grass – here and here 4. Visit Muir Woods …

boutique hotel picks – royal hotel san remo – sanremo, italy

I can usually tell it’s time to plan my annual vacation, when all I can think about is, romantic destinations and the luxury accommodations that should go with it, especially for those of us over 40. I mean I’ve done my share of hostels in my youth, budget properties throughout my thirties. But now I seek luxury and romance, with an attached bathroom to my suite. In light of this fact, I have included my favorite property in Sanremo, Italy. A place I never considered vacationing until I saw the place in the film, The Talented Mr. Ripley.  So, I’ll let the photos do the talking and if you need to know more about the property, click here:

cannes film festival 2013 fashion for the woman over 40 or not

I, for one, don’t photograph well, not anymore that is. My photos don’t do justice to my face or body, so I can only imagine the pressure celebrities feel when being photographed after 40.  Because   in all reality, untouched photos don’t lie and sometimes they bring the worst out of you, no matter how unique  you want to appear.  With all that cleared up, I think celebrity over 40 crowd, particularly women, missed it for this year’s gathering.  

buying what i don’t need but want

Occasionally, I splurge on things, even though I tell myself to stay true to simple living. I can’t help it, I am a woman after all and the need to shop, eat chocolate, pamper my self as well as appreciation the finer things in life is part of my make up. So,  I put splurge happily and very carefully. This month, being my favorite, I have decided to shop and perhaps splurge on:  

five months of 2013 – goodbye may, hello june

I swear I was just toasting in 2013 and now all of a sudden it’s June. What in the world is going on? Has it always been like this. Where time flies, no matter if you are having fun or not. May was a busy month for me and one, although long, felt like it passed by in a flash.  I’m okay with that, because May really isn’t my favorite month of the year, June is :). Instead of looking back to what I have accomplished  in the month of May, I am going to, through photos, express what lays ahead for me in June:  Looking forward has always been my motto. 1. Graduation party dress from here 2. Bathroom inspiration from here 3. Anniversary Formal attire from here 4. Birthday destination idea from here 5. Birthday Cake from here