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cannes film festival 2013 fashion for the woman over 40 or not

I, for one, don’t photograph well, not anymore that is. My photos don’t do justice to my face or body, so I can only imagine the pressure celebrities feel when being photographed after 40.  Because   in all reality, untouched photos don’t lie and sometimes they bring the worst out of you, no matter how unique  you want to appear. 

With all that cleared up, I think celebrity over 40 crowd, particularly women, missed it for this year’s gathering.


Not sure what she was thinking – Larisa Katz


Not sure what she was thinking – Tilda Swinton


Bad Hair for Nicole Kidman


Another bad hair style for Nicole Kidman


Raccoon eye makeup for Cindy Crawford


Wrong necklace for plunging neckline. Hair too youthful for Sharon Stone



Possibly gorgeous – Uma Thurman


Not so from the back – Uma Thurman


Not the best side on the hairstyle – Uma Thurman

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