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Friday Interesting Travel Topics Online

My head is always in the clouds, or somewhere else from where I am currently, lounging perhaps poolside in a French Riviera resort or walking the cobblestoned streets through an English coastal town.

So the search for travel topics let me down this road:

The private village of Clovelly in England, which charges a fee to visit.

Photo by Alex Tinca on

Egypt’s city of El Gouna doing their best to be mindful of the environment is worth a read for like minded folks such as myself

Photo by Alex Azabache on

The wonderment of the Aztec civilization history is one I will always share here.

Photo by Jorge on

While enroute somewhere do you watch for signs that announce the places you have left and the place you have arrived? I remember once in Europe, I crossed a bridge on foot connecting one small town in France to another in Switzerland. Can’t remember where it was, but felt insanely invigorating doing something like that. In light of the curiosity, I am sharing this article about towns crossing borders, or borders crossing through towns.

Photo by Vincent M.A. Janssen on

Lastly, click away here for endless travel trivia to take your mind off the daily routine even if only for a little while

Photo by Taylor Marx on

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