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thoughts on vacations

When I plan my annual trip, privately, and once confirmed send a global message to my co-workers announcing that I’ll be out of the office, some frown upon the fact, that I choose to travel. Although I respect their opinion, I cannot for the life of me understand how they go an entire year, without taking a single day off from work other than the usual weekends and company sponsored holidays.

The ten days I spend away from the norm, not only revives my soul, it helps me think, plan and make a list of goals I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. Not to mention the fact, gives me the courage to push for what I really want out of life. Call me crazy, but how do people go on, bypassing any type of vacation and saving their earned time off for a rainy day instead?

On my last and only day in Paris to catch a flight back to the U.S. the sun came out miraculously from a week or more of rainy weather throughout parts of Europe and I thanked the heavens above for allowing me to see Paris, without rain, for the first time in the longest while.

Paris is where I want to be someday. I know this in my heart. I think about making the drastic move every day and I feel, the dream will turn into a reality as soon as the time is right.

In the meantime…






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  1. Anonymous says

    Its unfortunate that you are coming back without publishing your book. I hope for the best that you can get it out soon.

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