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fashion: old classic hollywood glamour

My jaw dropped, almost to the ground, when I saw these beautiful gowns by Hannibal Laguna here and I have to say, they are a clear reminder of old classic hollywood glamour.

hannibal_laguna_pasarela_231228158_683x hannibal_laguna_pasarela_276219125_683x hannibal_laguna_pasarela_441554876_683x hannibal_laguna_pasarela_480038384_683x hannibal_laguna_pasarela_537141623_683x hannibal_laguna_pasarela_584651949_683x hannibal_laguna_pasarela_708775817_683x hannibal_laguna_pasarela_801071918_683x hannibal_laguna_pasarela_903567314_683x

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