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Monday Thoughts on A Writer of Novels and Fashion Gowns

Minus the phone calls, I stuck true to how my Sunday was projected  to pan out. This morning I woke up as normal at four to feed my dog, and began my ritual of getting ready for work, except my mind was elsewhere. I was busy thinking about this writer, who, on only novel two, has apparently become a huge success  in France and thanks to his wonderful translator, has managed to offer up his wonderful writings to the rest of the world. Dummy-me for not learning about him until, I happen to walk into a bookstore in England last month and stumble upon his novel, which was not really on display, but rather tucked on a shelf in the back of the store.

Lucky for me, because I seldom gravitate towards the promoted books on display at the front door. The gems are filed on the shelves.

By the time I got on the train and took my usual seat, my focus shifted to fashion – the ones from last night’s SAG awards and what really stood out for me:

Best classic black ensemble

The best of hair and makeup and jewelry – sleek hair, minimal makeup and dangling earrings was on point at this year’s SAG 

Bold and Chic – from hair to shoes was this wonderful look on Emma Stone.

Pink is always a good idea – especially on a classic beauty such as Emily Blunt

Sophistication in feathers for Michelle Yeo

The flowy blue piece worn by Cara Santana

BTW- My recent binge-watch currently is Suits – Seven seasons available on Amazon Prime. Let’s just say I have become an Amazon film junkie. How about you?

{featured image source}

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