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Monday Thoughts on A Writer of Novels and Fashion Gowns

Minus the phone calls, I stuck true to how my Sunday was projected  to pan out. This morning I woke up as normal at four to feed my dog, and began my ritual of getting ready for work, except my mind was elsewhere. I was busy thinking about this writer, who, on only novel two, has apparently become a huge success  in France and thanks to his wonderful translator, has managed to offer up his wonderful writings to the rest of the world. Dummy-me for not learning about him until, I happen to walk into a bookstore in England last month and stumble upon his novel, which was not really on display, but rather tucked on a shelf in the back of the store. Lucky for me, because I seldom gravitate towards the promoted books on display at the front door. The gems are filed on the shelves. By the time I got on the train and took my usual seat, my focus shifted to fashion – the ones from last night’s SAG awards and …

Films and Books Or Books To Film

Films and Books are a few of my hobbies. I mean that’s probably the case for most people. Either books or films or books and films. What I love the most is seeing folks reading an actual book now, and I don’t know about you but I feel as thought the kindle and all have sort of become a thing of the past? Or maybe folks are reading more on their smart phones which I call mini-computers now. Anyway, there are two topics I wrote here and here which I want to share with all of you – and that is a list of under-the-radar films released in 2017 which would be fun to catch up on, if you haven’t seen the films in the theater when they came out.   And the other is a list of books that are a solid read, which are also being considered for film. So my question to you is, have you seen any of the films, or read the books and which do you recommend and why?