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Food: Chocolate Panna Cotta for Breakfast?

This morning I craved pudding of sorts. Don’t ask, and no I’m not expecting. I simply and utterly craved pudding+chocolate, but had to be careful of the ingredients when searching for a recipe, which as you know, I am always adjusting to make it Keto-friendly.  The one I found here is filed under gluten-free, which sometimes can cross over to Keto and it sounded delicious enough to make and have for breakfast. Okay, okay – I had my usual cup of coffee, two boiled eggs very early in the morning, and for a mid-morning snack while working on my next novel, I craved this wonderful pick-me-up. {Take note, I love recipes from international bloggers}

For the chocolate panna cotta
  • 500 ml 16,89 fl oz – 2 cups + 1 3/4 tablespoons of fresh cream
  • 100 ml 3,38 fl oz – 1/3 cup + 2 tablespoons of fresh whole milk
  • 1 to nka bean
  • 50 g of sugar 1,76 oz – 4 tablespoons
  • 15 g of gelatin sheets 0,53 oz
  • 150 g of dark chocolate 5,29 oz – 1 1/3 bar   *** I use organice 70pct to 90pct  in  purity
For the strawberries
  • 200 g of fresh strawberries 7,05 oz – 1 1/3 cup    ***although strawberries have a high carb content for Keto followers, it is okay to consume as a treat. The key is – don’t add sugar to it and if raspberries are in season, opt for raspberries.  
  • 25 g of sugar 2 tablespoons  ***omit altogether
  • Fresh mint leaves {more}

For your reference, here’s a Ketogenic Diet approved list of foods 

What fruits and vegetables are in season in September 

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