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fashion oversights to consider

First I want to clarify that I have nothing against anyone in fashion or those who are  consultants of the trade, but I do want to state that as a woman, who loves fashion and appreciates a fashion conscious celebrity, I am entitled to an opinion on what I feel works or not on the most influential models for the rest of us to follow or perhaps envy.

In recent weeks and months as I flip through magazines and search the net for information about writing entertainment news and film reviews for my other blog, I cannot help but notice  how some stars go from having the right look to the wrong look to a “never finding the right look, no matter what” as they frequent parties, gatherings and movie premieres and so I wonder how can that happen to almost anyone, when its time to select the right gown for that special event?

I am not sure if sticking to the same look that works is better or exploring different options to seem versatile is best.  I know in my case, most anything I add to my wardrobe is almost designed in the same lines and cut, but because I feel it works for me well, I stick to it to make sure I don’t stand out like a sore thumb. Others, in my circle however, are more daring and go for different looks. Sometimes it works for them and other times it doesn’t. Usually the obvious comes out in photos.

So, in the case of  celebrities, how do they leave home thinking what they opted for to wear  is the best for them? I mean doesn’t someone take a photo of them before they leave home to determine if that is how they want to be remembered? Or do they just not care and feel they are representing a designer who (obviously ) must know what they are recommending for them is better than the rest? And then there is the fact that whatever may look good in print or in a designer’s studio, doesn’t necessarily mean its the best for the one wearing it. I don’t know, maybe I am just reading too much into it but see for yourself  below and let me know what you think?

Cate Blanchett - I know she looks good in all things "GOLDEN AGE" but the dress, although devine is a bit overwhelming in my opinion and not the right look

Cate Blanchett - in previous years in a much better look for her. She seems less uptight and more comfortable in her skin

Natalie Portman - This look makes her look as though she is nearing 40, again the dress is gorgeous but not the right look for her

Natalie Portman - At TIFF last week - Once more looks her age (late 20s) and flawless

Blake Lively - This week at TIFF - Wrong dress, wrong hairstyle, she looks uptight and much older

Blake Lively - in an earlier photo - looking her age (20s) and more relaxed and confident.

Julianne Moore - A talented and beautiful actress no doubt

Julianne Moore - Who has never found a look which compliments her features, nor her skin tone and hair and makeup


  1. Tanicka says

    Have to disagree with you on Cate. That dress on her is STUNNING! Divine. Breathtaking. What we refer to in the fashion world as a “fashion orgasm”. She looked fab in 2007 as well but here she just exudes sophistication and presence. Perfect. Not overdone at all. No one but Cate the Great could wear this and pull it off! Okay…rant finished. Respect your opinion of course…just completely disagree with you on this point. 😉

  2. Mauricio says

    Yeah cate’s dress seems more appropriate for a gala then a premier. My take is someone dresses them for big events like these. Most of them do choose that avenue, much simpler for them. Still, it doesn’t mean that its the right dress on them. I wonder who dresses Lady GaGa… LoL

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