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Fashion: Bridal by INBAL DROR – Spring 2019

Someone asked me once, why my fascination with bridal gowns, and my answer was that I see past the white and think what wonderful pre-season options these gowns would be for a special gala event or the red carpet.

fashion: neutrals for spring to summer 2011

I do love neutrals and as we all know it can  surely be a staple to most any outfit you put together or not, depending on your taste and what the fashion industry dictates. But, I am one, who, although appreciates fashion and trends, I do always go with the sure and safe thing for me.  However once in a while I also appreciate some things that may not look good on me. So, I have included a collection of pieces which I love and some will certainly wear this Spring to Summer. 

inspirational outfits for spring 2011 – my picks

We all know most women flip through magazines and retail or designer websites in hopes of getting the insight on putting outfits together. While some, without a second guess, order the suggested ensemble pieced together  by the fashion industry, others, with a more creative flare,  find ways to duplicate the suggestion. I happen to do both. Anyway, In light of the subject, I  have decided to put together inspirational outfits which, I will either purchase “as is” or try to duplicate this coming Spring. Let me know what you think? Option 1  – click here for details Option 2 –  click here for details Option 3 – click here for details Option 4 – click here for details Option 5 – click here for details

spring 2011 collection of pencil skirts for the woman over 40

As I said before, women over 40 should stay away from mini skirts no matter how sexy their legs are and opt for pencil skirts instead to bring out their sex appeal. Believe me when I say this, a pencil skirt, with an appropriate blouse or top, can be the staple for most any outfit, from business attire to a semi formal evening get together and I am glad to see a large selection of them here to choose from. Here are some of my favorite suggestions:

spring 2011 fashion trends – designer versace

It seems the Spring 2011 fashion inspiration comes from the 60’s, nothing wrong with that in my opinion, the 60’s had some of the most memorable fashion trends in history and for sure should have a come back. In line with the trend, Versace has come up with some of the most beautiful styles for the Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Ah, to be young again. Anyway the slideshow is a collection of styles I wish I could wear this year  but since I can’t, I hope to see the youth embrace the choices this coming Spring/Summer. Let me know what you think? Did you enjoy the 60’s fashion and are you glad it’s back.