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sweaters for fall 2010 women over 40 can wear

Once the official transition takes place from Summer to Fall, meaning past the month of September to mid-October, I begin to feel the need to rearrange my closet in order to get a visual of all my sweaters. Then I go through them and decide which to toss and what to recycle for the upcoming fall season. At the same time, I shop online for the sweaters I would like to have and make my list in order to check them out at the store.

One of my favorite stores, and this has been on and off, is Ann Taylor/Ann Taylor Loft. The reason for the on and off is that for a while there it seemed the store or the company had lost it’s touch and appeal so I stayed away from it. But now, this year that is, the items on their online catalog (at least in picture) look great. That’s another thing, what looks good on print doesn’t necessarily look good in the store, so with list in hand I plan to visit the stores (after California’s  heat wave) in order to see first hand how, what I have selected would look on moi.

So, taking into consideration what is trendy this fall, I have selected items along the colors suggested for the woman over 40, as well as some colors I feel would work best with my skin tone and physical attributes:

Click On Links Below For My Choices

1. Cardigan with beaded pocket

2.Crossover V-Neck Sweater

3. Long Sleeve Turtleneck

4. Merino V-Neck Cardigan

5. Scoop Neck Sweater

Well, wish me luck and in the meantime drop me a line with your favorites for the fall 2010.

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