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Sunday Edition: Enlightening Ourselves

I do love rain, even though this year, we’ve only just begun it seems, our full-on rainy season. Meaning that in January we had a month long sunshine and unseasonably HOT weather and then since the middle of February, weekly prediction of rain, and more rain – confusing all things blooming and the birds 🙂

So I’ve set aside a list of indoor activities to tackle, but not before I’ve had a chance to share some interesting reads online.

The life and times of a 7-year old fashionista plus artist who debuted a solo art show in Seattle. what an inspiration she is

If you are an avid traveler like myself, subjects about baggage check are important – read on

{photo source}

I heard a comment on a sitcom the other day that suffering makes you stronger – well apparently here’s the real deal about suffering

Facebook begins its downward spiral? Really? Do you see it or is it a myth

{photo source}

The other thumbs-up is for the 10 things likeable people never do – which is why we like them

{source for featured image}

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