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What’s Been On My Radar This Week

I am actually thrown off this week, thinking Sunday was Saturday and Today was Sunday. I am not sure why that is the case, but I don’t like it. I’m hoping that it is simply because I am juggling one too many ‘watermelons’.

So while on the train this morning, I replayed all that has happened in a course of the past few days and decided to weed out the best and tell you about it.

Since it has been raining on, on and off, and then back on, it’s been very difficult to complete the exterior painting of our home. We’ve had to stop so many times in the middle of the project, that it has led me to hate the colors I’ve chosen and plead for a second or third try in the actual hue that envisioned for house. Worst nightmare for painters – when the weather doesn’t cooperate and the homeowner takes full advantage of the delays – in terms of changing the entire scheme of things.

So back to the commute and what I thought was worthy of a topic for today.

  • I realized that I am good with creating my own colors by mixing a few tints to an original of something Benjamin Moore suggests here and here. I’ll share photos later.
  • Saw the film The Shape of Water last week and I have to tell you I was pretty disappointment. Not sure if it was the story line or the dark take on Splash, the film with Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah from years past.
  • After watching the first season of  Imposters on Netflix which I recommend, I was having binge-watching withdrawals, so I searched high and low and lucky for me stumbled on another Netflix original series LOVE from Judd Apatow, who I have been a fan of forever. Okay I do have a crush on the man and his wife and his kids. They are the cutest family ever.
  • I wanted to start knitting again and hope I can manage with instructions from here.  Inspired by this store of beautiful knitted sweaters I remember my grandmother making for me and the rest of her grandchildren.
  • I can’t wait to landscape the front of the house, once all the painting is completed. And shopping for the right plants to ‘accessorize’ the house is the funnest thing I’ve done lately.
  • And last, I am actually starting to plan several trips for this year, and hope that I can make it happen.
  • Paris will be a must again this year, and this store is on top of the list of places to visit and shop
  • I am also considering selling my photos here, or here, or here – anyone have a better idea?

What’s got you thinking and planning? Have you seen a film you recommend, or a TV show?


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