Lifestyle: Movie Night and Wine

Saturday night has become the official movie night in our household. Where we prep all fun snacks and buy a couple of bottles of wine and get comfy in our favorite spot on the sofa, with a dog in tow, and watch two films, we’ve either seen before or for the first time.  Here’s the beauty of movie night – there is so many ways to see films and shows now, that I don’t need to direct you to any particular streaming site, you know what you need to do. The only thing I am going to say is that – you can actually show up in your pajamas and messy hair and no one will care.

So, here’s a list of films I do recommend just in case you are either on the fence about them or feel they are not your favorite genre, or even that they are on your radar. But here is the list:


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Everyone is entitled to an opinion, it’s what you do with it that counts the most. I choose to share the beauty of what the world offers to maintain a positive outlook and live a fulfilling life. That's my take.

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