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Sunday Cravings: A Week By The Poolside – Italy

We’ve made it through the first quarter of the year, although really I don’t know how we got here. Wait. I do know exactly how I got here. I was too busy helping with three moves in four months, a remodel, a book edit going on sale April 16, the ear to everyone’s problems, the one doing all the comforting, ego boosting, problem solving and care giving. I know exactly what filled my days.

On Saturday, instead of staying home,  I got up early, showered, and actually got dressed up, even wore my make up and left the house. To have breakfast with a friend who called to say she was in town for a vet appointment.  Spending the entire morning with her, on Chestnut Street, having breakfast, chatting up a storm, then window-shopping, checking out the books on display at my favorite Books Inc. store, and even grabbing a freshly squeezed fruit juice in a bottle. It turned out to be a nice day. In our conversation, both of us longing for a week-long getaway to somewhere like this:

J.K.Place Capri, Italy – Hotel at our disposal.






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