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Boutique Hotel Pick – Le Roch Hotel and Spa – Paris, France

In my opinion all hotels in Paris are boutique, no matter the grandness or the uniqueness or even the simple 2-star rated tucked away in some alleyway unfamiliar to tourists and frequent visitors of the city. I decided this to be the case when I first arrived in the beautiful city over a decade ago and stayed between the Moulin Rouge and Montematre, a street here and there, and then again a year later, each property I chose then had a unique style of their own, charming to say the least, and memorable to say the most. This past March while I returned to Paris, I did a little bit of hotel touring. I guess I was tapping into my travel agent days 🙂 and I discovered this wonderful place, beautifully designed in every detail if you ask me, keeping in line with a Bohemian theme. I simply adore this place.  

Final Thoughts From My Holiday Abroad

I took a flight from London Heathrow on Sunday, leaving my heart behind for so many reasons. I have to say too many to list here. But most of all for the wonderful time I had with a good friend of mine, touring England, Scotland and a little of France – Paris to be exact. Three weeks ago, I was beside myself, looking very forward to the trip she and I planned – considering we’d both been travel agents in the past, we spend a few weeks beforehand strategizing on how we wanted the trip to flow with minimal stress and maximum enjoyment. Now that the holiday is over, I realize that the time away from home was much-needed for me, so that I can return refreshed and recharged enough to deal with all the ups and downs that life has in store for us in 2017. One of the most important things I decided upon, while talking to my friend throughout the trip, is that, instead of focusing only on the bad that happens …

Travel: Paris Is Always A Good Idea…

words in quote by Audrey Hephburn, is probably the best way to sum up why I can never stay away from Paris. We took the Eurostar from London and in three hours arrived in the heart of the city to spend four glorious days revisiting most everything we had done before. At first, the weather app indicated much rain so we spent an hour on the train deciding what we would do each day and even each hour to avoid getting soooo wet.  But lucky for us the skies cleared up and the sun came out and the rest was a memorable history:

Fashion: How To Dress Like A French Woman

Interesting how the internet knows exactly the sort of articles to push my way, when I plan a trip abroad. But as we know it, it does happen to the best of us – in this case, since choosing my hotel in Paris, the article about How to Dress Like a French Woman popped up. And of course, I clicked on it 🙂 like a good American girl, aspiring to be all things Parisian. And I realize after reading the article, I am more French than I could have ever imagined. Less Is More… No saying could be truer when it comes to Parisian dressing. Focus on interesting shapes and textures (preferably in muted colors) and you’ll be fine—a stop at COS and & Other Stories is a must if you want to pick up a few tips about young and cool Parisian dressing. Stay away from too many embellishments and short dresses—basically anything that can be perceived as tacky. Black is the in color – Thank you Chanel It might seem boring, but French …

Parisian Colorful Mosaic Tiles

As I stated before I go to Paris at least once a year, and each time I take the same photographs. I suppose I want to see if there is any change to all that I am familiar with and appreciate about the city of lights. And believe me there are many changes, or as they call it, improvements. But the mosaic tiles no far are still intact, and best photographed here.

‘Ode’ to Paris Fashion Week

Paris and I go ways back, to when I first visited this amazing city at age eleven to visit with family at the time. Since then I’ve been to Paris a dozen plus times, not only for family, but just because, I need to be there every year simply soaking it up. In light of the fact it is Paris Fashion week, I’d like to share with a few tid-bits (if you will) about my favorite city-next to San Francisco of course. Well maybe just a tad more than San Francisco. {photo source} {photo source} {photo source}

travel: let’s meet at the seine river

Every trip to Europe I discover something new. This could very well be because I go different times of the year. I’ve done February -October so far. So I am looking forward to the winter months, or maybe not. Anyway, this trip was in May (wow, was in May), and I have to say I loved the idea of flowers in full bloom, or starting to. I love the idea of outdoor cafes turning down their heat lamps, and most of all in Paris, I love walking along the Seine River, and discovering so much happening in one of my favorite parts of Paris. After walking from our hotel to the Eifel Tower, I descend the stairs leading to the river. Not to take a cruise mind you, but to walk along the water, to a different perspective about the city I love so much. The water’s edge is quieter, compared to the bustling city life several feet above, with the continuous flow of cars, buses, and always ambulances. Although there are cruise boats, and various stationary …