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‘Ode’ to Paris Fashion Week

Paris and I go ways back, to when I first visited this amazing city at age eleven to visit with family at the time. Since then I’ve been to Paris a dozen plus times, not only for family, but just because, I need to be there every year simply soaking it up.

In light of the fact it is Paris Fashion week, I’d like to share with a few tid-bits (if you will) about my favorite city-next to San Francisco of course. Well maybe just a tad more than San Francisco.


What the Eiffel Tower and surrounding area looked like over a decade ago. The Exposition 1900.


Paris up and coming neighborhood Haute Marais

{photo source}


Best of Paris Perfume Shops

{photo source}


Best Views of Paris


And last for this blog – chocolate or chocolat shops in Paris

{photo source}

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