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Boutique Hotel Pick – Le Roch Hotel and Spa – Paris, France

In my opinion all hotels in Paris are boutique, no matter the grandness or the uniqueness or even the simple 2-star rated tucked away in some alleyway unfamiliar to tourists and frequent visitors of the city. I decided this to be the case when I first arrived in the beautiful city over a decade ago and stayed between the Moulin Rouge and Montematre, a street here and there, and then again a year later, each property I chose then had a unique style of their own, charming to say the least, and memorable to say the most.

This past March while I returned to Paris, I did a little bit of hotel touring. I guess I was tapping into my travel agent days 🙂 and I discovered this wonderful place, beautifully designed in every detail if you ask me, keeping in line with a Bohemian theme. I simply adore this place.


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