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Food: Coconut Lime Curry Chicken

While in Edinburgh and Glasgow over the weekend, I learned that curry is one of their favorite dish, and apparently most people know how to prepare the dish from scratch – claiming how easy it is. I had no idea since I buy the ready-made curry Saab even and a can of coconut milk from Trader Joe’s and simply toss it over cubed chicken and I am done.

Today upon my return back to England, my friend and I wanted to make a home cooked meal – only because we’ve been eating at restaurants for the past two plus weeks. And just like that, I went to my favorite recipe source here and on the front page of the blog saw just what I was looking for. A recipe for coconut lime Curry Chicken. This dish, with a glass of wine is the perfect pairing for the two of us, needing a night home from all the running around we’ve been doing:

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