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traditional christmas card etiquette

In this day and age, women seldom have time to do most anything, while raising children and taking care of family. So, I quiet understand why some women choose the pre-printed photo of their family or children greeting cards and address labels,  to send as Christmas cards. I do want to say that although I am not knocking it or judging them, (seriously more power to you for being a super women), I truly miss receiving traditional Christmas cards with a small hand written note of meaningful wishes, from all those acquaintances who opt for the impersonal method year after year.

So,  if you  happen to  be tired of sending   pre-printed greeting cards to family and friends  and long for some good old-fashioned card sending experience, consider the following pointers to make it all worth while.

1. It’s acceptable to send the pre-printed photo of your children during their first five years. Outside of that, it  becomes obvious to the recipient that  you are no longer making efforts to maintain true relations with them.

2. If it is absolutely necessary to send a photo of your family, find it in your heart to write a small hand written note just to keep it personal and warm.

4. Include a proper greeting such as Dear (preferrably) or Hello (if you must).

5. Try to send the appropriate card to business contacts, close family, extended family and friends near or far. Do not send family photo cards to everyone across the board.

4. Be sensitive to the recipient’s religious beliefs and send cards accordingly. For example cards which express “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” are more versatile than one’s which state  “Merry Christmas” across the front or inside.

5. Handwritten signature is recommended and the envelope should include a return address (preferably handwritten as well) to keep it traditional, while adding a personal touch.

6. Avoid E-cards and text message well wishes during the holiday season, no matter how techy you are.

7. Stay true to postage and avoid ones with photos of your children on them, no matter how photogenic your kids may be.

8. Don’t send one card to multi families sharing a dwelling .  Show them you care and respect their position by sending a family specific card.

9. Spend time choosing the cards and avoid those which poke fun at religion and beliefs. Save those cards for birthdays and other less meaningful holidays instead.

10. Finally, make it  a fun project by asking your children to help stuff the envelopes and seal them or even write the FROM and TO addresses to family members, while you handle those of business contacts and influential acquaintances.

For more on Greeting Card Etiquette, click here. Keep in mind Christmas card sending is not a chore and should only be done if sent with meaningful intentions.

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  1. I agree. I’m a big fan of no. 2 and no. 5. Even if the card is preprinted you should still sign it. I got one from a college housemate like this. I’d think I would warrant a signature. It’s disappointing.

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